Who We Are

The ECMC Innovation Lab is an incubator for new products and initiatives at ECMC Group and its affiliates. We provide innovative solutions that empower students to succeed in postsecondary education.

Our parent company, ECMC Group, is a nonprofit corporation with a mission to help students succeed. ECMC Group and its family of companies provide financial tools and services, nonprofit career education, and job placement services to help students succeed and achieve their academic and professional goals. As the parent company, ECMC Group provides executive-level governance for affiliate companies and sets overall corporate strategy. To learn more about each company within ECMC Group, click here.

What We Do

Based in Minneapolis, we are part of a growing and powerful ecosystem of ed-tech innovators, policy experts, and decision-makers during what can only be described as a transformational moment for higher education. We are working to increase transparency in college costs, empower students to make more informed decisions about financing their education, and advance innovative models for success in career school training.