Welcome to Ábaco!

We are excited to announce the launch of College Ábaco and Pell Ábaco, the Spanish language versions of College Abacus and Pell Abacus. Released in partnership with the ECMC Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative, College Ábaco and Pell Ábaco will make it easier for the millions of Spanish speaking households in the U.S. to compare the price of colleges and find the most affordable options

Introducing Pell Abacus

A sister product of College Abacus, Pell Abacus allows students to search and compare the same 5,000+ colleges available on College Abacus. However, unlike the original tool, Pell Abacus does not require students to provide any financial information—a barrier that has prevented low-income students from using College Abacus in the past. Pell Abacus simplifies the process for getting a financial aid estimate by asking just one financial question: “Are you eligible for free and reduced lunch?”