Our Approach

We use design, technology and research to provide innovative solutions that empower students to succeed in postsecondary education.

Our Lab uses Human-Centered Design to build products and processes that embrace the strengths of students, give students ownership over their decisions, and empower students to reach their goals.



Our team engages directly with the students we support. From classroom visits, video and phone calls, to conversations on sidewalks, and digital surveys, we focus on learning directly from our users. We also work with industry leaders and leaders in similar spaces to provide depth to our research. 


We dive into what we've heard from students, what we've learned from discussions with experts, and what we've gathered from secondary research, and use it to draw insights that help us develop innovative solutions.


Through this process, we are able to put our creativity front and center. We create an open space that focuses on generating as many ideas as possible, using "How Might We" statements developed during the research and synthesis stages. Using these "How Might We" statements, we run a facilitated brainstorm with all key partners, focused on finding solutions to the problems that we're tackling. 


After ideating, we employ a process called rapid prototyping. We use everything from paper and markers to tablets and digital images to create prototypes that will simulate the concept we are testing and allow us to generate feedback as quickly as possible.  


The testing phase is all about answering the question: Does it solve the problem? We put our prototypes in front of people as soon as possible and to get their reactions. Sometimes this leads to editing or creating a new prototype with our users. We try to understand what works and what doesn't, and iterate from there.


The design will cycle through the Testing and Prototyping phases several times, each time getting closer to the end result. Throughout the process, we work with our partners and clients to develop processes for implementation. We help them plan for training, release, updates, and more to make sure our products make it to students quickly and smoothly.